Easy, Concentrated Economic Refill

by Caldrea Company

We put it on the label but want to remind you:

Our All Purpose Cleaner works as a Countertop Spray refill. Easy and economical.

Simply pour 4 Tbsp of All Purpose Cleaner into your empty Countertop Spray bottle. Add water to the 1/2 way mark & you're on your way. 

Caldrea Notes: While the formulations are not exactly the same, you can make a cleaning solution of the All-Purpose Cleaner to refill your Countertop Spray bottle. For best results, we recommend you use the diluted solution within one month.

Fragrance No. 22: Black Coriander Lime

by Caldrea Company

It is February and we are delighted to reveal a secret we've been brewing; our 22nd Fragrance, Black Coriander Lime, has launched just in time for spring. This fragrance will fill your senses with a fresh but spicy, clean but unfamiliar aromatherapy sure to lift your spirits.

We found inspiration abroad, as we often at Caldrea. This time it was Morocco that hit home with spice notes less common in our daily routines. Top notes of coriander and lemon leaves, middle notes of caraway and peppercorn, and bottom notes of cardamom and koa wood give it a glint of faraway travel. This light midnight scent could bring to mind the market of the souk; the handsome navy and blue on the labels echo the patterns of the medina. We have noticed a trend deepen in fashion and home decor where Moroccan influences have been modernized for bold interior design. Navy has become almost as common as black and just right for pairing with the nautical looks for spring.

Black Coriander Lime will fill an open spot in our fragrance categories right at the intersection of woody and herbal. Try one of the new products and breathe in Fragrance No. 22. for something unique and refreshing. We think your home and everyone in it will thank you.


Open-air and moonlit. This light midnight scent takes you on a journey. It begins at cool twilight–where dewy ferns and fresh limes gently deepen into more exotic hints of fennel and caraway, Koa woods and peppercorn spice. Wanderlust rewarded.





It's a Warehouse Sale!

by Caldrea Company

We aim to have the best family of products possible. This means that we occasionally discontinue products to make way for innovations in ingredients, fragrances and packaging.

Lucky for you, that means our limited edition holiday and discontinued products are on sale. Head on over to caldrea.com to view our brand new dedicated sale page and stock up while supplies last. 

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Bright Merry Welcome

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Juniper is a conifer that grows all over the world in a variety of species. Its uses range from bonsai trees to herbal remedies to culinary spices–especially in Nordic dishes–and is most well known as the primary flavor of gin. Gin actually gets its name from the Dutch word for Juniper–genever. The most common Juniper has small blue berries and spindly needles that make it a more special element to decorate with. In honor of our holiday fragrance, Juniper Laurel Mint, we scoured the web to bring you some of our favorite Juniper decorations. See the images for eight different ways to use this unique evergreen and even the most perfect ribbon to wrap it all up with.

Wreath Inspiration

1. Handmade wreath from Norway

2. Terrain teaches us that sometimes minimal is more

3. Williams-Sonoma Juniper Wreath - beautiful!

4. Sugar pine cones topped with a cluster of preserved juniper - so special

5. Anthropologie had the perfect ribbon to compliment our Juniper Laurel Mint packaging this year. We’re stocking up!

6. Lands End makes a beautiful wreath offering every year - this includes berried Oregon Juniper

7. Found on Etsy, the Keepers House has many lovely combinations.

8. Do not care for a full circle wreath? This Williams-Sonoma door basket is a charming option.

9. While we wish this were for sale it is a reminder to consider the color of your front door when choosing a wreath. The blue berries look amazing against this dark slate paint color.

Crimson Pear Bellini

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Crimson Pear Bellini

Make spirits bright with a bubbly Crimson Pear Bellini—inspired by the holiday season and our beloved Crimson Pear Ginger.


2 ounces fresh pear puree (purchase pre-made or DIY with directions below)

3 ounces rosé sparkling wine

Splash of cranberry juice (add to taste)

Candied ginger or raspberries for garnish


Pour pear puree into bottom of champagne flute and add rosé sparkling wine. Add a splash of cranberry juice and serve with candied ginger or a raspberry skewer garnish.

Pear Puree ingrEDIENT

2 pears, peeled and cored

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice


Combine in blender or food processor for about 30 seconds. Add more sugar to taste. Strain through a fine metal sieve--Use a rubber spatula to press the puree through the sieve and discard solids.